The summer internship race is cutthroat, but don’t sweat it! PrepBee is here to turn you from a nervous applicant into a confident placement pro. Remember how our powerhouse AYN-GDPI course helped hundreds of students crush their MBA admissions? We’re back and better than ever to help you dominate your summer internship placements!

Forget generic advice. Learn from the best of the best. Our team of elite mentors are alumni from prestigious B-schools like FMS, IIMs, XIMB, NMIMS, and Symbiosis. They’re not just academics – they boast extensive work experience from major companies like SAMSUNG, JSW Steel, TATA AIG, and ICICI Bank. Gain invaluable insights and winning strategies that will set you apart from the competition.

Here’s how we’ll turn you into BAHUBALI of interviews:

  • Specialization Sessions: 5 live sessions to tailor your prep to your chosen field. 
  • Unlimited HR Reviews: Live sessions to ensure you’re ready for anything those HR folks throw at you! 
  • Ground Discussions Live Mastery Classes: Hone your group discussion skills with interactive sessions. ️ 
  • 2 Group Discussions per Week: Get consistent practice and refine your communication style. 

But wait, there’s more! This is just the tip of the iceberg (okay, maybe a mountain of greatness is a better metaphor). Our program also includes:

  • Content Powerhouse: We’ve got a treasure trove of insightful articles, B-school case studies, and our exclusive “Today’s Must-Read” (TMR) articles to keep you ahead of the curve. 
  • Master the Interview Game: Get ready to dominate those interviews with unlimited mock PIs and GD sessions with personalized feedback. Plus, our “How to Answer” series (8 live sessions) will equip you with winning strategies for any question they throw your way.
  • Craft a Killer Profile: Become a LinkedIn rockstar with our Super CV builder (live sessions) and proactive profile-building guidance. Learn how to showcase your unique awesomeness and grab the attention of recruiters.
  • Expertise on Tap: Gain valuable insights from industry experts through guest sessions and tap into the knowledge of our MBA community. It’s like having a brain trust at your fingertips!

Don’t settle for average and overpriced. Invest in your future with PrepBee’s SM program and dominate your summer internship placements! Enroll today!

P.S. Remember, we over-delivered on our GDPI course. We’re confident we can do the same for you in your summer internship journey! IT’S A SUPRISE which sounds LIKE some extra EXTRA benefits (Power-bi, advanced Excel and more).

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