Course Content
Introduction & Briefing & Resources
In the Introduction to Business Intelligence session, you'll explore the scope and significance of BI, learn the roles and responsibilities in BI, and install and set up BI tools. This foundational session sets the stage for understanding how BI can drive business success.
Understanding the Visual Types, Standard Visuals & Formatting
The Dashboard Creation module covers various visual types and their applications, utilizing standard visuals and formatting techniques to create informative dashboards. This hands-on session ensures you can effectively communicate insights through compelling visualizations.
Data Modelling
In the Data Modelling and Date Calendar Creation session, you will understand the concept of role-playing dimensions in data modelling and create date calendars for accurate time-based analysis. This session emphasizes the importance of structured data models in business intelligence.
Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
The Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) module delves into advanced data manipulation and analysis, providing you with the skills to perform complex calculations and data transformations.
Overview of Tableau
The Overview of Tableau session introduces you to Tableau's unique features and compares it with Power BI. This comparison will help you understand the strengths of each tool and when to use them effectively.
Excel Data Transfer Modes and Functions
In the Excel Data Transfer Modes and Functions module, you will learn various data transfer modes in Excel and master key functions such as Sum, Bar diagram, Linear graph, Conditional formatting, Lookup, Vlookup, Sum If, Count If, and If condition. You'll also learn mail merging for efficient communication.
Live Project with Certification
To reinforce your learning, you'll be assigned a small live project to create a dashboard, providing hands-on experience and practical application of the concepts covered in the course.
PrepBee PowerBI, Tableau & Excel
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