The Most Comprehensive GDPI WAT Course

PrepBee AYN Course

Our AYN [All You Need] GDPI Course provides comprehensive training with a personal mentor, so you don’t need anything more than it to crack any B-School GDPI. We boast mentors from all top B-Schools & Top Companies. We pledge to be 200% affordable and 300% better quality.

Our Last year’s report card –

423 Students Trained

97.4% Best Call Converts

97.4% Best Call Converts

505 Personal Mentor Slots

55 Live Learning Sessions

7 Live GE for SNAP

2052 Mock PI Conducted

85 GD Conducted

525 HR Reviews

120 WAT/Extempore

120 WAT/Extempore

88+ Content PDFs

Choose the plan that suits you the best. We have many options!